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We are committed to finding solutions and meeting expectations through professional representation of our clients.


Contact us so that we can evaluate your situation to determine the right methods to achieve success.


Code Enforcement Solutions

Clark Richards & Associates, Inc. possesses the expertise and credentials to assist in the management and resolution of actions taken by municipal and county governments to enforce their ordinances in a process commonly known as Code Enforcement.  We evaluate to determine if a violation has occurred, insure that all actions taken against our clients are in conformance with governing ordinances and statutes and when necessary create strategies for compliance that reduce the financial impact from citations, fines, liens and even foreclosure actions.


Code Enforcement Capabilities


  • We will reduce or eliminate your code enforcement fines

  • FREE Initial consultation - call (239) 690-1500 today

  • Save you time and stress by acting as your agent with local government

  • Experienced as State of Florida: Licensed General Contractor, Roofing Contractor, Building Code Administrator, Standard Plans Examiner and Standard Building Inspector

  • Over 40 years of experience in the construction and inspection industries including over 12 years in the field of code enforcement.

  • Recognized as a Building Code and Construction expert by the courts

  • Skilled negotiator to resolve code enforcement impacts against property owners

  • Able to evaluate and assess likely outcomes based on the actions of the local government

  • We have represented hundreds of individuals and companies to obtain satisfactory outcomes 


Building Code and Construction Expert / Owner's Representative for Construction Projects


Clark Richards possesses the expertise to analyze for compliance with Building Codes, associated technical and industry standards.  We evaluate for code compliance and industry practices to establish or refute liability.


Expert & Owner's Representative Capabilities


  • Licensed in the State of Florida as a General Contractor, Roofing Contractor, Building Code Administrator, Plans Examiner and Building Inspector

  • Over 40 years of experience in the construction and inspection industries

  • Recognized as a Building Code and Construction expert

  • Familiar with residential, commercial and industrial construction methods and practices

  • Affiliated with other experts in all areas of design, regulation and construction

  • Successfully assisted numerous plaintiff's attorneys in establishing liability in accident cases

  • Successfully assisted numerous defendant's attorney's in defending fraudulent and unfounded claims

  • Represented Developers as owner's representative on multiple projects to monitor progress, review approvals, resolve issues with permits / inspections / certificates of occupancy.

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